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GamerEmpireNet – YouTube
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Timzer Invest also continuously invests a portion of its generated capital in various publicly-listed companies, none of which the company possesses significant influence over.



Timzer Invest, legally registered as Timzer Invest ApS, is a non-financial holding company whose primary activities are the creation and managing of self-owned online content websites and social media accounts, investing in financial and online-based assets, including apps and websites, and any other business ventures of Tim Stadel Clausen. The company was created back in May of 2017 as a holding company for the already existing online activities and ventures of Tim Stadel Clausen, the founder, CEO, and owner of Timzer Invest.


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Publisher information:

Company: Timzer Invest ApS

Primary contact: Tim Stadel Clausen


Location: 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

CVR/Company Registration Number: 38670867