Timzer Invest Reports 2022 Financial Results

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Timzer Invest released its annual report and financial results for the fiscal year 2022 on the 18th of March, 2023.

In the annual report, Timzer Invest reports net revenue of $407,753, an increase of 121% from the year prior.

After accounting for costs, including depreciation, wages, and tax, the company reports a net profit of $281,660, an increase of 161% from the year prior.

The CEO of Timzer Invest, Tim Stadel Clausen, reports that “the company has continued to see great economic growth in the fiscal year, which has resulted in both higher revenue and a greater result compared to the year prior.”

$28,422 was generated from financial investments, while financial costs amounted to -$4,551.

You can read the full annual report on Timzer Invest’s page in the Danish Central Business Register.

The exchange rate USD/DKK 6.68 – the average exchange rate for the year 2022 is used to calculate the financial results in dollars.